Who founded Carolina Colony in 1663?

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Carolina was named by the Frenchman Jean Ribualt after King Charles IX of France.   Carolina is the Latin pronunciation of Charles.  In 1663, the English King Charles II rewarded the loyalty of eight individuals for helping him to maintain his position as king.  The group was called the Lord Proprietors. They were Edward Hyde, George Monck, William Craven, John and William Berkeley (brothers), Anthony Ashley Couper, George Carteret and John Colleton. The proprietors were given rights to the lands south of Virginia.  The Lord Proprietors established a feudal type system of law called the Grand Model.  This system was flatly rejected by the colonists that refused to abide by it.  One of the more enduring ideas of the Lord Proprietors was the idea of religious freedom.  The progressive attitude of Carolina towards religion brought many people from the other colonies.

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