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The coming of age novel Criss Cross, by Lynne Rae Perkins, deals with the changes of "caterpillars", or younger teenagers about to go into full-blown adolescence. The main characters of the story are Hector and Debbie. Hector is a young adolescent who is trying to find himself and eagerly seeks the attention of a fellow teenager named Meadow.

Debbie is an idealist teen who wishes for her life to acquire some sort of purpose, and whose loss of her necklace signifies more than a simple misfortune. The necklace and its journeys serve as a metaphor for the collective web of humanity. It signifies that, wherever one goes, one is still part of a web of people who have some interconnection with one another.

In the end of the story, in an interesting twist of fate, we find out that it is Hector who finds the necklace last and actually alters it a bit in order to give it to Debbie, not knowing that this is the very necklace she has lost. In the end, they were both pleased and the story ends satisfactorily.

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