Who follows the letter of the law and who follows the spirit of the law in chapter five of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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There are a couple of instances of this distinction and contrast in chapter five. The first is Jem's developing sense of manipulating semantics. Jem and Dill want to continue playing their "Boo Radley game" even though Atticus told them to stop for the sake of their neighbor's peace of mind. Jem insists that if any trouble comes of the children continuing to play the game, they will simply change the names of the characters within the game and then will be doing "nothing wrong." This follows the letter of the law, as it is true that they would no longer be playing the exact game, but it still violates the spirit of the law, which is what Atticus certainly had in mind.

Another example of this contrast is Miss Maudie making the distinction between herself and "foot washing baptists." She blames a great deal of Boo Radley's circumstance on the fundamentalist, fire-and-brimstone beliefs of the Radley family. She says that Christians who follow the bible to the exact letter are often very...

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