Who are the five people Eddie meets in Mitch Albom's novel "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" and why are they important?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Blue Man is the first person Eddie meets in heaven. He was killed because Eddie ran out in the street after a ball. He teaches Eddie that there are no accidents in life.  He shows Eddie that everything that happens is intertwined in some way.

The Captain is the second person Eddie meets. He tells Eddie that even though he shot Eddie, he did keep his promise, and did not leave him. He tells Eddie that he even gave up his own life so Eddie could live. He teaches Eddie that if you lose something, you will usually get something back.

Ruby, the third person Eddie meets, teaches Eddie to let go of his anger and to forgive his father for the damage he caused in his life.

Marguerite, Eddie’s wife and the fourth person he meets, gave him happiness.  She teaches him the lesson that love is not lost with death.  

Finally, Tala is the fifth person Eddie meets in heaven.  Although he his life in denial, he finds out he did kill her in the fire. She teaches Eddie that his life did have a purpose which was to keep children safe at the pier.

slhull6 | Student

The five people Eddie meets are (in order): the Blue Man, the Captain, Ruby, Marguerite and Tala. Each person is important because they capture a part of Eddie's life in a snapshot. Their lives helped make him who he became.

The Blue Man: Eddie was partially responsible for the Blue Man's death. Eddie learns that humans are all connected in one way or another.

The Captain: Eddie's time in war taught him many life lessons. Meeting the Captain allowed Eddie to learn the truth of his injury, but also the truth about how the Captain died. The lesson Eddie learned from him was sacrifice.

Ruby: Although Ruby wasn't alive during Eddie's time at Ruby Pier, his life would have been much different without the existence of the park his father and Eddie worked at their entire lives. Ruby teaches Eddie to forgive, particularly his father.

Marguerite: The shining light in Eddie's life was his love, Maruerite. She appeared in his heaven to remind him that the love he felt for her was an eternal love.

Tala: Another one of the consequences of Eddie's decisions in war was the lost of Tala's life. Although she passed away, Eddie died saving another little girl. Tala helped Eddie learn what his life purpose was.

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