In Lord of the Flies, who are the first two characters we meet?

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Lord of the Flies traces the actions and reactions of a group of schoolboys which finds itself stranded and all but forsaken on a seemingly uninhabited island. The boys are forced to make decisions and prioritize tasks as they try to manage, unsuccessfully, without "grown-ups" to guide them.

The reader is first introduced to Ralph, "the boy with the fair hair," as he contemplates his surroundings and is joined by Piggy,"shorter...and very fat." The two discuss the likelihood of there being other boys and the possibility of grown-ups - at least the pilot. Ralph is excited at the prospect of having no adults, laughing "delightedly," but Piggy is far more concerned about what his "auntie might say." This sets the scene for the reflective and intelligent nature of Piggy and the structured and logical personality of Ralph which will establish him as "chief." 

Although Ralph's name is established immediately, Piggy only gets his nickname, reluctantly, when Ralph shows some interest in what others used to call him. Piggy does not expect Ralph to share this information with the others but this name will now stick with him. 

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