Who first suggests a hunt for what Samneric saw in Lord of the Flies  

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Samneric run back to the safety of the beach after seeing the beast on the mountain, Jack is the first member of the tribe to call for a hunt.  He exclaims:

'"This'll be a real hunt! Who'll come?'

Ralph moved impatiently. 

'These spears are made of wood. Don't be silly'" (100)

Jack uses the moment and the fears of the boys to distance himself from Ralph as well as draw attention to Ralph's fear of going after the beast.  He builds on Ralph's indecision in the meeting, and even mocks the power of the conch only moments later.  This scene between Ralph and Jack at the tribal meeting is a telling example of the power-play going on between the boys in the novel and exemplifies how Jack uses the boys' fear to build himself up as a leader while diminishing Ralph's own importance within the tribe.

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