The Sun Rising

by John Donne

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Who first published "The Rising Sun" (otherwise know as "The Sun Rising") by John Donne?

Expert Answers

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The poem you mention, usually called "The Sun Rising," was published by John Donne's son (also named John) in 1633 (after the poet's death).  "The Sun Rising" along with many other of Donne's poems were published in the collective work some say was called Collected Poems while others say it was called Poems, by J.D.  Even though the name of the actual publication is different depending on which source you consult, this doesn't negate the significance of the publication.  Donne's son also edited the poems he published in that volume, and another two volumes of his father's work would soon follow.  The reason for this is simple:  John Donne left many of his unpublished works to his son posthumously.  Supposedly, this is significant because it one of the first instances of an "authorized edition."  Up until this point, guidelines were quite loose for publishing works after an author's death.

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