Who first introduces the notion that the beast comes from the sea?the book it comes from is lord of thhe flies

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The name of the kid who first introduces this idea is Percival Wemys Madison.  He is one of the littleuns.  He does this in Chapter 5.

He introduces the idea while they are all having a meeting.  It seems that maybe they are going to stop believing in the beast, which would be a good thing.  People point out that they have been all over the island and had not seen the beast.

At that point, Percival whispers to Jack.  Jack tells the rest of them that Percival says the beast comes from the sea.


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The beast is being discussed in an assembly by the group of boys in the book "The Lord of the Flies."   Piggy has the conch and gets aggravated with all the stories about the beast. He tries to tell them it is just like ghost stories.  The littleuns push a boy forward form their group.  He is a small boy and boy tries to twist away from the older boys.   Piggy asks him his name.  He is Percival Wemys Madison.  He repeats his address. Percival tells them that the beast came out of the water.  He says it in a mumble so that Ralph has to lean down to hear his words and then repeat them aloud.  The child falls asleep in the grass.

Chapter "Beast from the Water" page 87.

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