The Da Vinci Code Questions and Answers
by Dan Brown

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Who is the female character in the Da Vinci code played by in the movie?

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I think the answer you're looking for is Audrey Tatou, who played Sophie in the movie. She also starred in Amelie.

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jbnkinzie | Student

The name of the actress who played Sophie in the DiVinci Code is a French actress named Audrey Tautou. Aside from her co-starring role with Tom Hanks (Robert Langdon) in the DiVinci Code, the majority of Tautou's roles have been in French independent films.

zopalwie | Student

Audry Tatou was one your looking for who played as Sophie Neveu.

ljhelbig | Student

French film actress Audry Tatou.

revolution | Student

The female character in the movie (same title as the original book) is Agent Audrey Tatou as Sophie Neveu, who starred as a French National Police crytographer, who studied at the Royal Holloway, University of London Information Security Group.

bkadilley | Student
Yes, Audrey Tautou played Agent Sophie Neveu in the movie, The Da Vinci Code.
hjwilson | Student

The female character is the holy grail herself.  She is actually the only living decendant of Jesus Christ. There fore she is the only proof that Jesus was merely human.