Who felt Puritan cities should be models of Christian living?  

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John Winthrop believed that Puritan cities should be models of Christian living for the rest of the world. Winthrop was a Puritan leader who journeyed to America in 1630. During the voyage, Winthrop delivered a sermon titled "A Model of Christian Charity."

The Puritans left England due to religious persecution, and they intended to found a distinctly Christian society in Massachusetts. Winthrop believed the rest of the world would closely watch the colony to see whether or not their Christian society would prove successful or not. Thus Winthrop exhorted the Puritans to make their society a "model of Christian charity" which others could imitate. This sermon was based heavily on the "Sermon on the Mount," in which Jesus said that his followers were a "city that is set on a hill that cannot be hidden" (Matthew 5:14).

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