Who is a favorite character in Little Women?

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This topic may be moved to the discussion board so that you can get more varied responses to the question, but I will give you a few of my thoughts on the topic.  When you go to complete your assignment, you will obviously have to decide this for yourself.  You may want to ask yourself, whom did you most relate to?  Whose story line were you most drawn to?  How did you feel about the outcome of each of the sisters?

My first and only favorite is Jo.  She dominates the novel, and because she is the most modern and strong wiledl of the sisters, I find her to be the most relatable. I appreciate her understanding of herself and what she wants from her life. I admire her determination to do things her way, even though I didn't agree with everything she did.  I remember being shocked when she rejected Laurie's marriage proposal.  I understood her attitude, but still always thought that she missed a chance to have it all -- her writing and a man whom she knew well, had grown up with, and whom she could trust.  I guess there is a bit of the romantic in me that wantsthat for her, but the resolution of the novel and of her character leave me satisfied.  I 

kainaat18 | Student

Jo is my favourite character in the novel Little Women. It is so because she is caring, a good friend, and of strong determination. My major reason for liking her is that she is interested in composing literature and so am I.


soccerfreak9 | Student

I liked Beth and Jo. beth's really kind and caring, and i like Jo cause she's so outgoing, different and energetic (which is the type of people i like :P)