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Farid is the faithful driver who accompanies Amir during the writer's return to Afghanistan. A 29-year-old Tajik, Farid had fought in "the jihad against the Shorawi" some 15 years before under the Tajik freedom fighter Ahmad Shah Massoud--"the Lion of Panjsher." Farid's father was killed during the fighting against the Russians, and Farid had lost fingers and toes during an explosion. Originally from Mazar-i-Sharif, he eventually "moved his wives and children to Peshawar." Farid did not originally approve of Amir, who he assumed was returning to Afghanistan to sell his property before returning to America. But when Farid discovers Amir's real mission--to find Sohrab and return him to safety--he realized that Amir was "an honorable man... A true Afghan."

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