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kmj23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Fahrenheit 451, Faber is a retired English professor who was "thrown out" of his college 40 years before the story takes place. This happened as a result of low student numbers and a general disinterest in university study. Faber describes himself as a "coward" because he realized the inherent dangers in book-burning but never protested against it because he was afraid.

Since then, Faber has hidden away from the world and spent his time "fiddling with electronics." For example,  he has created a device that enables two-way communication and which he gives to Montag to use against Captain Beatty.

After Montag kills Beatty, Faber is his only ally as he flees the city. Faber directs him along the abandoned railroad tracks towards a group of "Harvard degrees" who have been cast out from society and might give sanctuary to Montag. In the meantime, Faber plans a trip to St. Louis to see a retired printer who might help them create some new books. Meeting Montag gives Faber the courage to stand up to the government's censorship.

When the city is destroyed by a bomb, Bradbury suggests that Faber has indeed made it to St. Louis, but his fate beyond that remains a mystery.