Who excelled at landscape painting?

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mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many painters are famous as landscape artists.  Landscape paintings feature scenes that depict nature.  They are frequently painted on a horizontal with a wide view.  Below are several well-known landscape painters and the types of scenes that they painted:

- Pieter Bruegel the Elder was a Dutch painter.  His paintings typically featured Dutch landscapes in various seasons.

- Rembrandt is famous for his portraits, but he also created landscapes.  Many of his landscapes were actually etchings.

- Many of Monet's paintings were landscapes.  He loved to paint nature scenes.  He believed in landscape painting that was done "en plein eir."  This is a painting term which describes the act of painters creating their art while outdoors.  They paint nature scenes exactly how they see them while outside.

-  Henry Matisse painted many landscape paintings.  Many of his landscape paintings were done in oil and were of scenes from Europe.

Landscape painting is also very popular in China.  There were many artistic masterpieces in landscape art that were done by Chinese artists, starting mainly during the Han dynasty. Zhang Zeduan was one of the most famous landscape artists from China. 

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