who exactly is Simon from the lord of the flies?

carsonray | Student

a mythical munk like mand in the book 'lord of the flies'

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book “The Lord of the Flies,” Simon plays the role of a almost mythical Christ like figure.  He is spiritual in nature evidenced by his going into the woods to meditate.  He is not aggressive but more tender and wise in his personality.  While not one to help with harder labor, his thinking leads him to discovering that the thing the boys believe is the beast is a downed pilot. Simon also enters into a type of meditative state and speaks to the boar's head.  He learns from the boar that the beast resides in the boys or mankind.

When Simon is startled he runs back to camp to tell the others.  They are in a trace like state from their rituals around the camp fire.  Instead of listening to him, he frightens them and they attack him.  The boy’s pent up fear and rage comes out in violence that does not end until Simon is beaten to death.


Simon is abandoned on the beach.  As the tide rides in to take him out a glow from plant substances in the water surrounds his head creating a glow.  This again shows the Christ like state by creating a halo type of glow.

tanishapitts | Student

Simon was the boy who found out before any of the other boys that it was them him and his friends who was starting the problems instead of the bestie. Simon was washed away from the ocean and were killed by Jack. Unlike the other boys Simon wasn't afraid to die.

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