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Eugene Mosher is a Watertown, New York born software developer who is famous for creating the first touchscreen point of sale technologies. Basically, is applying the use of a personal computer (at that time it was an Apple II) to the process of payment during a transaction. This happened in 1979 in Syracuse, NY for the first time. The proper language for his first creation (out of many other influential ones) is, in his own words the use of a

first virtual graphic user interface (GUI) that featured a touchscreen for use in a point of sale environment.

The rationale behind Mosher's creation was that, when he used to own a restaurant business, the process of taking orders, printing out receipts, taking the receipts to the cashier, then printing orders to the kitchen, and then divide up the orders that were to be taken in-house versus the ones who were to be delivered took up an enourmous amount of time. Moreover, most of the clientele that Mosher would serve were workers with a mere 30 minutes available for lunch. 

It was not until 1986 that the fully-developed touchscreen technology began to fully replace the QWERTY keyboard. Thanks to the technology developed by Mosher, sales can actually be recorded in real time, being able to divide orders between cashier and the kitchen, and allowing for documentation in case of disputes. 

However, he has done much more than just this: he is also one of the main developers of the X Window System, which enables people to meet remotely and collaborative. From restaurant owner looking for an easier way to problem solve sales, all the way to a software developer, Mosher is far from a Bill Gates/Steve Jobs type. He never has applied for a patent in the knowledge that one technology will always supercede the next. Hence, he continues to expand his inventions in order to come up with more supertools for the future. 

sid-sarfraz | Student

 Eugene Mosher is best known for inventing the graphic touchscreen point of sale computer. He is a pioneer of human-computer interaction including application specific GUIs and network computing. 

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