Who is Esther de Berdt Reed - and why is she so important?

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cburr eNotes educator| Certified Educator


Esther de Berdt Reed was born in England and was descended from Belgian Protestants who had fled the Spanish.  She married an American and became an important supporter of the revolutionary cause in the colonies.

During the American Revolution, she organized a group of women and raised $7,000 for the cause. She wanted to give the soldiers coins, but General George Washington persuaded her to use the money to make clothes for the troops.

Because of her work on behalf of the American cause, she was named a Daughter of Liberty.

kristashields | Student

Esther de Berdt Reed was indeed English. She is known for heading the largest women's movement during the Revolution. She married her husband, Joseph Reed, in 1770. They moved to Philadelphia. She and her family had to flee Philadelphia during the war for their safety. Her husband was elected governor in 1778. She used her position of the governor's wife to raise awareness among women how they can help the war effort.She died at age 34.

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