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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As is often the case in adventure novels (especially those aimed at young adults), many of the characters and themes are black and white. Such is the case with Treasure Island. The enemy--the bad guys--throughout are the various pirates who search for the missing treasure. Beginning with Billy Bones (who, like Long John Silver, does take a liking to young Jim Hawkins), Black Dog and the blind Pew, the pirates use any means necessary to find the treasure. Killing is second nature to them, whether it be a young boy like Hawkins or even his mother, if necessary. Continuing with the pirates who serve on the Hispaniola, they will resort to anything it takes to find the buried treasure. Although Long John Silver does show the occasional redeeming quality, the rest (aside from the exiled Ben Gunn) are all murderous cutthroats.

ik9744 | Student

There are multiple enemies towards little boy Hawkins in the book. In the very start of the book a blind man named Pew delivered a black dot to Hawkin's guardian (might be his father). Long John Silver is also an enemy, during a long duration of the book he tries to gain trust from Hawkins. Later on to find out he poisoned someone and became  captain of the pirates. He kidnapped Hawkins on the island but then saved his life before the other pirates took it. Also Long John warned Hawkins about a potential enemy named Black Dog. There was multiple enemies left unnamed since they died fairly fast.