Who else did Uncle Peck molest in "How I Learned to Drive"?

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Uncle Peck molests Lil' Bit's Cousin Bobby, also called "B.B.".

Cousin Bobby actually never appears onstage, and he has no spoken lines.  His relationship to Uncle Peck is revealed through a monologue given by Uncle Peck.  Uncle Peck is teaching young Bobby how to fish, in a similar manner to how he teaches Lil' Bit to drive.  Bobby catches a pompano and doesn't know what to do with it;  he cries until Uncle Peck cuts it loose for him and releases it.  Uncle Peck then invites Bobby to come to a secret tree house with him, to drink beer and eat crab salad.  The sinister overtones of this incident parallel Uncle Peck's method of molesting Lil' Bit by giving her driving lessons, plying her with liquor, and then swearing her to secrecy.


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