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Ella Cara Deloria (1889-1971) is best known for her contributions in the fields of education, linguistics, ethnography, ethnology, and anthropological cultural studies. Besides these, she was also a novelist. A brilliant scholar and educator, Ella Deloria never received any formal training in anthropology and linguistics. Her fieldwork on the history, culture and languages of the Sioux Nation (Dakota, Lakota and Nakota) was phenomenal. Ella Deloria remained tied to her home, community and Decota ancestry throughout her life. Many of the texts she authored dealt with Decota language, community, social relations, and culture. Some of her famous works include Waterlily (2009), Iron Hawk (1993), The Buffalo People (1994), Dakota Texts (1932), Dakota Grammar (1941), Speaking of Indians (1944), The Sun Dance of the Oglala Sioux (1929)etcFor her great contributions in varied fields, she was honoured with the “Indian Achievement Award” in 1943.

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Ella Cara Deloria (Jan 31, 1889 - Feb 12, 1971)

She was a renowned anthropologist, educator, ethnographer, linguist and novelist. Her most famous works of fiction are Iron Hawk, the Buffalo People, Dakota Texts and Waterlily. Her famous works in non fiction are The Wohpe Festival, The Sun Dance of the Oglala Sioux, Dakota Grammar and Speaking of Indians. She received several grants for her research from Columbia University apart from that she also won the Indian Achievement Award and in 2010 a research fellowship was established by the Department of Anthropology in her name at Columbia University.

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