What role did Elbridge Gerry play in the founding of the US?

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Although Elbridge Gerry is most famous for having his name attached to the term “gerrymandering,” he was actually a very important figure in the fight for American independence. 

Gerry was a major player in the early opposition to British policies in the colonies.  As a young man, he was an ally of people like Samuel Adams.  He was part of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress that was created when the British passed the Massachusetts Government Act in retaliation for the Boston Tea Party.  Gerry later became one of Massachusetts’ delegates to the Second Continental Congress.  In that capacity, Gerry signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.

Gerry continued to serve in various positions in government after independence.  He served both within the country and as an envoy to foreign countries.  He is not known for any dramatic actions, but he is one of the people who was involved in many of the most important events of the founding of our country.

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