Who are the dynamic and flat characters in Faulkner's "Barn Burning"?

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Dynamic characters are characters who change during the story; characters who don't change are static. Flat characters are characters that are one-dimensional; that is, they aren't fully developed. Characters who are developed fully so the reader sees their good points, their bad points, and their motivations are called round characters. 

In "Barn Burning," the dynamic character is Sarty. At the beginning of the story, Sarty is fiercely loyal to his father. When his father strikes him, even though he didn't tell the men at the hearing that his father set the fire, Sarty doesn't talk back. As the story progresses, Sarty begins to see his father for what he is, and he cannot support him any longer. At the end of the story, he warns Mr. de Spain about the fire in defiance of his father and then runs away. 

Abner Snopes, however, is a static character. He burns barns at the beginning of the story, and he burns them at the end. 

The women in the story are...

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