Who doesn't want Antony to speak at the funeral in Julius Caesar?(please include textual evidence).

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Cassius does not want Antony to speak at Caesar's funeral. This conversations takes place in Act III shortly after Caesar is assassinated. Antony first sends his servant to Brutus and Cassius to inquire if they plan to kill him as well. When Antony learns that Brutus would like to befriend him Antony meets up with them to find out the reason why they murdered his good friend, Caesar. After Brutus gives his explanation, very cunningly Antony acts as if he is not a threat to the conspirators. All he wants to do is speak at the funeral. Brutus thinks this is a great idea because he thinks it would only make the conspirators' cause look better giving Caesar the proper burial and honors. However, Cassius pulls Brutus aside and says "You know not what you do; do not consent/That Antony speak in his funeral./ Know you how much the people may be moved/By that which he will utter?" (Act III scene i line 32-34) Cassius obviously thinks that Antony IS a treat and that he will try to convince the Roman citizens that what the conspirators did was not righteous.

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