Who does Susanne plan to marry in Dance Hall of the Dead by Tony Hillerman?

Susanne plans to marry Ted Isaacs, a graduate student, in Dance Hall of the Dead by Tony Hillerman.

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Ted Isaacs, a young anthropologist learning under the watchful eye of archeologist Chester Reynolds, is the man who Susanne plans to marry. Unfortunately, her feelings aren’t reciprocated, and he is far too married to his work to take their relationship as seriously as Susanne would like.

While Ted is fiercely ambitious and passionate about his work, Susanne spends time living in a commune and following a hippie way of life. While it seems that money isn’t that important to Susanne, it is all-important to Ted, who proves that he will stop at nothing to escape poverty and achieve professional success. One of the instances in which Ted shows that he doesn’t really care about Susanne is when Joe Leaphorn tells Ted that he is concerned about Susanne’s safety while she is living alone in the hippie commune. Ted’s response is to rebuff Leaphorn’s concerns, implying that Susanne isn’t really that important to him.

Susanne may not always be particularly practical, but she is...

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