Who does Odysseus meet in the Land of the Dead ?

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Odysseus goes to Hades in order to see Teiresias, who was a blind seer, which is what Circe advised him to do. After giving his sacrifices, he actually came into contact with three spirits. The first was Elpenor, who was one of Odysseus' crew; he had died on Circe's island and was abandoned there, so he asked Odysseus to burn his body on a pyre and place his oar there. The second spirit who appeared was Odysseus' mother, Anticlea, but he doesn't speak to her because he is waiting for Teiresias. When Teiresias arrives, he tells Odysseus that Poseidon is punishing him and his men because they killed Poseidon's son, the Cyclops Polyphemus; he then tells Odysseus to leave alone the cows on the island of Helios, the sun god; finally, he tells Odysseus that he will return to Ithaca, and after he takes care of the suitors, he should go inland and make a sacrifice to Poseidon, and eventually, a peaceful death will find Odysseus in his old age. After Teiresias is gone, Odysseus talks to his mother. Those were the main three, but he also sees many famous women and a few others.

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