In Fahrenheit 451, who does Montag meet on the way home from work?

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This incident happens at the very beginning of the novel. Montag is a firefighter, whose job in the culture of the novel is to actually start fires. He seems incredibly happy with his job, since the first paragraphs of the book describe his elation at burning books. However, on his way home one night, he meets Clarisse McClellan, a seventeen-year-old neighbor. She greets him in a  friendly way, and with one simply question completely shatters his happy facade. First, greeting someone in a friendly way is considered strange in this society. People simply don't interact with one another. Not only is she friendly, but she asks Montag personal questions, which make him uncomfortable. One of those questions is "Are you happy"? It is this question which sparks his discontent, and leads to the intense events of the novel.

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