In the book "In the Time of the Butterflies", whom does Minerva meet at Imaculada?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although Minerva meets a number of different people during her time at Imaculada, I am assuming you are referring to Sinita Perozo, the young girl who becomes Minerva's close friend and introduces her to the revolutionary movement.  All the male members of Sinita's family have been assassinated for their opposition to Trujillo's regime, and Sinita, bitter and resentful, introduces Minerva to the truth about Trujillo's notoriety and ruthlessness.  Minerva, who until that point had been apolitical and completely unquestioning about the dictator's methods and motives, has trouble believing Sinita at first, but soon understands what her friend is trying to tell her.  The seeds of Minerva's lifelong dedication to the revolutionary cause are planted by Sinita; Minerva later credits her and the time spent at Imaculada as the influences that led her to get "free".

Another friend from her boarding school years who has a great influence on Minerva is Lina Lovaton.  Lina, the most beautiful girl at Imaculada, attracts the attentions of the lecherous Trujillo, and, instead of finishing school, becomes one of his mistresses (Chapter 2).

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