Miracle's Boys Questions and Answers
by Jacqueline Woodson

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Who does Lafayette confront at the Basketball Court? What does he say?

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In Jacqueline Woodson's novel Miracle's Boys, Lafayette, the narrator and youngest of the three brothers, confronts Aaron on the basketball court in chapter seventeen. He states in that chapter that he hated Aaron. He believes that Aaron is responsible for the trouble Charlie gets into.

Aaron is a gang member and is very impressed with Charlie after he is released from a juvenile detention center. He tries to get Charlie initiated into his gang, but Charlie refuses to participate. Charlie ends up getting arrested because the car he was in was stolen. So in chapter seventeen, when Lafayette sees Aaron on the basketball court, he is seething with hatred at him for what he did to Charlie.

Aaron asks about Charlie, and Lafayette replies:

"Charlie's all right," The sound of the ball was familiar, comforting. "Say he don't need no colors to be bad. Say he got badness inside of him."

This was a bold move on Lafayette's part. He is letting Aaron know that he knows that he mislead Charlie and tried to get him into a gang. He is also showing Aaron that he and his brother do not respect his choices and will not be following him. This is bold because as a gang member, Aaron had the support of his fellow gang members, and if they wanted to bring trouble to Lafayette or his family, they could have. Aaron does start to swing at Lafayette, but his friends hold him back, telling him that Lafayette is just a kid. All the while, Lafayette maintains eye contact with Aaron, letting him know that he's not afraid of him and isn't going to back down.

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