The Thief of Always

by Clive Barker

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Who does Harvey see at the lake in The Thief of Always?

Harvey sees Lulu at the lake. She's perching on the slimy stones at the edge of the water, gazing into its depths. When Harvey approaches her, Lulu takes fright and runs off.

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Harvey wants to see the huge lake at Hood's Holiday House. But Wendell warns him off, telling him that it's no fun. Nevertheless, Harvey goes to take a look at it anyway, and in the process ends up getting rather sweaty and his arms all scratched and bloodied by the barbs from the thick and thorny bushes.

Much to his disappointment, Harvey discovers that Wendell was right: the lake is just not worth seeing. It's so large that its far side is almost invisible. It's also gloomy and dreary, with the dark stones surrounding the lake covered with an unpleasant film of green scum. The large swarm of flies buzzing about indicates that this is a place where dead things belong.

And yet there's someone standing by the lake. As Harvey approaches, he can see Lulu, who's perched on the edge of the stones and gazing into the depths of the water. Harvey's worried that he might startle her, so he whispers, ever so softly, "It looks cold."

But despite Harvey's best efforts, Lulu is startled all the same. She looks up at him, her face full of confusion, before suddenly taking off through the bushes. Harvey calls after her, but it's no use; Lulu has disappeared. Instead of going after her, Harvey remains where he is and looks down into the lake at the fish that Lulu had just been looking at.

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