In "Master Harold". . .and the boys, who does Hally name first and second as his "man of magnitude?"

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During his conversation with Sam about "men of magnitude," Hally cites Charles Darwin as his first choice.  Hally claims that Darwin's theory of evolution had a profound impact on the human race because it explains where all people have come from in the world.  Sam challenges Hally's choice--he says that Hally never finished reading the book that he has on Darwin's theory.  It is also implicitly stated that Darwin cannot be a man of magnitude because he did not benefit "all" of human kind--his theory of natural selection has been warped over the years to justify unjust social and political systems.  Sam offers a couple choices before Hally retorts with his second choice--Leo Tolstoy.  Hally has chosen him because even though Tolstoy was an intellectual, he was able to get out and work with peasants.  Hally claims that Tolstoy freed his serfs of his own free will.  Sam accepts this choice as a man of magnitude.


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