Who does Dr. Cuss go to see after he visits the stranger in Invisible Man?

After he visits the stranger in Invisible Man, Dr. Cuss goes to see the vicar, Mr. Bunting.

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The village doctor, Dr. Cuss, is very curious to meet the stranger, the invisible man, though he does not, of course, know that he is invisible. His interest has been excited by the stories of the man's bandages and his many bottles of chemicals. Finally, Dr. Cuss goes to the stranger's room. While there, he notices that the man has no arm. He thinks that this is a terrible deformity, but then sees that the man's sleeve is stiff, not collapsed, as it would be if there were no arm inside it. When the stranger holds up his invisible cuffed arm, close to the doctor's face, the doctor feels an invisible finger and thumb pinching his nose. Dr. Cuss is unnerved, strikes out at the cuff, and runs away.

He goes immediately to visit the village vicar, Mr. Bunting, who gives him a drink. Cuss describes to him what happened:

“When I hit his cuff,” said Cuss, “I tell you, it felt exactly like hitting an arm. And there wasn’t an arm! There wasn’t the ghost of an arm!”

Mr. Bunting does not try to contradict or explain away what Dr. Cuss has told him. All the vicar does is look at him as if he doesn't believe him and say it is a "remarkable story." Later, an invisible figure will rob the vicar's home. At this point, the invisible man is toying with the local residents.

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