Who does Celie marry in The Color Purple?

In The Color Purple, Celie marries a man named Albert, but she calls him Mr.__, partly because of their age difference. His first name is not even mentioned until Shug calls him by it. It is not a happy marriage, as Celie is forced to endure Albert's abuses for a long time before she eventually stands up to him.

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In The Color Purple, Celie marries a man she calls Mr.__, though she learns that his first name is actually Albert. Albert was married once before and has a few kids, and he is basically looking for a new mother for those children and a wife to cook, clean, and keep his house.

Albert is initially interested in marrying Celie's younger sister, Nettie, but the girls' stepfather, Alphonso, insists that Celie should get married first. Alphonso has raped Celie multiple times, and he's given away the children she had as a result of these assaults. It seems fairly clear that he plans to rape Nettie as well and that this is why he does not want to let her marry. Although Albert wants Nettie, he settles for Celie, as he is in need of someone he can put to work right away.

Ultimately, Celie leaves Albert and goes away with Shug Avery. Celie tells Albert off one night at dinner, standing up to him after he has mistreated and abused her for years. She lives with Shug for a while and begins her own clothing company called Folkspants, Unlimited, where she makes comfortable, unisex pants for both men and women. Eventually, Celie returns to Georgia and develops a sort of friendship with Albert.

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