Strawberry Girl

by Lois Lenski
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Who does Birdie live with in Strawberry Girl?

In Strawberry Girl, Birdie lives with her mother, father, three brothers, and two sisters. They've recently moved from Northern Florida to a new home.

Expert Answers

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The Boyer family is very large. As well as Ma and Pa, there are six children, three boys and three girls. One of the girls is Birdie, the main character in the story.

The Boyers have just moved from Northern Florida to another part of the state. By the time the story opens, they've been in their new surroundings for almost a month. We know this because their curious neighbors, the Slaters, are talking about the Boyers in the prologue and give us lots of information about them. They also tell us that the Boyers arrived in a big wagon, which is not much of a surprise given that they're such a large family.

Like their new neighbors, the Boyers are poor. But unlike them, they're incredibly hard-working. The Slaters are lazy and dirty; the head of their house is a violent drunk. His violence passes on down to his three sons who beat up a schoolteacher.

Inevitably, a feud develops between the Boyers and the Slaters. Despite their common poverty, they have such completely different values that it seems that there's just no way they could ever get along. In due course, however, all the problems between the two families will be neatly resolved at a camp meeting right at the end of the story.

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