Who would make a better leader of Animal Farm in Animal Farm, Snowball or Napoleon?

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Snowball would make a better leader than Napoleon. His capacity is demonstrated before Napoleon uses the dogs to run him off Animal Farm.

Snowball is hardworking and a planner, and he thinks ahead. For example, he is intelligent enough to know that Farmer Jones will mount an attack to retake Animal Farm, and he prepares for that by studying the military campaigns of Julius Caesar. He also anticipates what the animals' needs will be and so can formulate good ideas, such as building the windmill.

While Snowball favors some privileges for the pigs, he also has the welfare of all the animals at heart. He rules through rationalism, courage, and persuasion.

Napoleon, however, rules entirely through force and fear. He uses the violence of the dogs, who act as his private police force, to impose his will on the farm. He is lazy, unintelligent, cowardly, and self-aggrandizing. He cares nothing for the needs and feelings of the other animals: for example, he is willing to have animals who oppose him...

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