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Who do you think is the best candidate for the tragic figure in Sophocles's Antigone? Who suffers because of a personal flaw? Do you think the all male audience in Athens identified with and favored Creon or Antigone?

The best candidate for tragic hero inĀ AntigoneĀ is Creon, since his downfalls come from the fatal flaw of disobeying the gods. Antigone comes to grief because she is following their will. The audience of the play in Athens would most likely have favored Antigone over Creon because she was trying to follow the will of the gods and defend her brother's honor.

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Antigone's fate is perhaps more tragic in the terms with which we are familiar in modern times. However, the term "tragic hero," as it relates to Greek theater, is defined by a character that has a tragic flaw, typically one of hubris or arrogance. This description certainly fits Creon quite well. He seems to consider his will over that of the gods. By refusing to allow funeral rites for...

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