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In Tuesdays with Morrie, who do you think got more out of their Tuesday meetings, Mitch or Morrie? Provide support for your response.

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Though both men benefitted from their meetings, it seems likely that Mitch got more from them than Morrie because Morrie was imparting wisdom while Mitch was receiving it.

Morrie, of course, got a lot of happiness and company from his visits with Mitch. It cheered him up and gave him something to look forward to at the end of his life. Even his wife points out that Morrie looks forward to the visits with Mitch. However, Morrie is a man with a full life; he has many friends, family members, and interests. Even though he's not capable of doing what he's done before, he would still have been able...

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Morrie Schwartz was the kind of man who enjoyed having company.  Even when he was not feeling too well the presence of Mitch was beneficial for him.  Morrie was given a chance to share his wisdom and personality with someone younger who had a genuine interest in Morrie.

Mitch gained a mentor and learned some lessons in life from Morrie as well as a published book later.  However, I believe that Morrie benefited the most from the relationship.  Mitch was limited physically and could not get out in the community anymore.  He suffered through a lot of pain and frustration.  Mitch was a diversion for Morrie. He needed the comfort of a friendship and time to share his words before he died.  Mitch provided Morri with a last voice.


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