Who do you think came knocking at the poet's small door, in the poem Some One, by Walter de la Mare? Please answer this question with justified reasons.

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Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that it was the poet’s imagination that came knocking at the small door, in the poem “Some one”, by English poet, Walter de la Mare. No one is at the door when he opens it and it is also apparent that the poet saw no one scampering away when he opened the door. There is no evidence to suggest that anyone was at the door – not even the slight scent or sound of someone when the poet gets to the door and opens it.


The poet says, ‘I’m sure-sure-sure;” It’s as if he is trying to convince himself that someone was there, but he’s not totally sure there was anyone at the door. With this lack of evidence, I believe that the poet’s imagination was in overdrive. The sound he heard while in his house with the door closed (which he thought was some sort of knocking sound) was probably the sound of the beetle, the screech-owl, or the cricket. It could have been a wind or a breeze causing the sound.


The poet’s overactive imagination has him considering that a person is at his door. There is no one in sight. Consequently, the knocking at the wee small door is the thoughts inside the poet’s head, manifesting themselves to him as knocks at the door.

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