Explain with whom you sympathise in Animal Farm.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hands down, it's Boxer.  For me, Boxer represents the type of figure for whom I always seem to hold a soft spot in my heart and place of empathy in my mind.  The fact that he toils endlessly with a pure sense of being is one reason why he evokes sympathy.  His need to "work harder" and absolute faith in authority makes him so likable.  While he is strong, he feels bad about taking "any life, even a human life."  Boxer's qualities of loyalty and hard work help to make him the type of figure that can be easily manipulated by those in the position of power.  This is what makes him so sympathetic.  When he is no longer useful, Boxer is destroyed.  In the end, I guess I feel that Boxer is the most sympathetic because he is the most selfless.  He lacks the insight to question authority and his good heart and strong ethic of work makes him a tool for Napoleon.  While Napoleon and the other pigs see animals like Boxer as means to an end, Boxer views others as means in their own right.  In this light, Boxer becomes really sympathetic for me.