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Djoser was a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.  He was one of the pharaohs from the Third Dynasty during the time of the Old Kingdom.  The Third Dynasty ruled from roughly 2670 BC to 2610 BC.  Djoser reigned very early in the Third Dynasty and is believed by many to have started that dynasty.  The fact that we do not know for sure when Djoser reigned or how he came to the throne shows that we know little about him.  He is from so long ago that it is hard to know much about him for certain.

Djoser is best known for the fact that the first known pyramid-type structure was built for him.  This was the step pyramid at Saqqara.  This pyramid is not shaped like the later pyramids.  It was begun as a four-sided structure with a flat top.  Later, similar structures will piled up on top of the first one until they finally make a structure that was shaped roughly like a pyramid, but which went up in steps.

Again, very little is known about Djoer’s reign.  He is believed to have reigned for about 20 years.  The fact that the pyramid was built for him implies that his reign might have been stable and prosperous.  However, we know little about him other than the rough dates of his reign and the fact that this first pyramid was built for him.

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