Who has displaced more families, former president Ronald Reagan or Adolf Hitler? 

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For me, this is not a good comparison.  Adolf Hitler displaced far more people.  His blitzkrieg through Eastern Europe created one of the greatest humanitarian disasters in history.  Six million people died during the Holocaust, and this is not counting the atrocities committed against civilians in Poland and the Soviet Union.  Upon Hitler's orders, thousands were rendered homeless due to the bombing of major cities such as London.  Also, in response to Hitler, cultural capitals in Germany such as Berlin and Dresden were firebombed, so you can also lay the blame for those displaced families at Hitler's feet.  Aside from Stalin, Hitler was the key villain of the twentieth century.  

Reagan's welfare cuts meant less subsidized housing, and thousands of Americans lost their jobs during the 1980s due to hostile takeovers and factories moving overseas, but Reagan did not adversely affect an entire continent the same way Adolf Hitler did.  Reagan's work to end the Cold War actually brought more people together, as he was instrumental in getting the Berlin Wall taken down.  

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