Who is the director and the Playwrite for the play Cinderfella.

sylviabe | Student

Cinderfella is actually a film, not a play, which was directed by Frank Tashlin, who co-wrote the script along with Jerry Lewis. Lewis also starred in the title role of "CinderFella" or Fella Kingston. The plot follows the classic "Cinderella" story line, though the gender of most of the main characters has been switched. Other cast include Ed Wynn as the "Fairy Godfather," Judith Anderson as the "Wicked Stepmother," and Anna Maria Alberghetti as "Princess Charmein." The film was released in theaters on December 18th, 1960 by Paramount Pictures. The film was intended as a comedy, though it received mostly negative reviews as having fallen flat in its comedic intentions and generally proven to be not Lewis's best work. 

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