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Known as the father of tropical forestry, Dietrich Brandis (1824-1907) was a German-born son of a University of Bonn professor. Brandis studied botany at a number of universities and soon became involved in forest management, relocating to Burma and, later, India. For 20 years, Brandis served in India as the Inspector General of Forests, and he founded the Indian Forest College in Dehra Dun. He documented many of India's sacred groves and later influenced forestry in America due to his close contact with the founding heads of the USDA Forestry Service. A number of plants have been named in his honor, and his book, Indian Trees, is considered the foremost source on the subject. 


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Sir Dietrich Brandis, KCIE, FRS (March 31, 1824 – May 29, 1907, Bonn) was a German forester who worked in India. He is considered the father of tropical forestry.