Who does Swift say would be set up for a preserver of the nation?"A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Feigning a serious tone, Jonathan Swift suggests in his "A Modest Proposal" that anyone who arrives at a solution to the problem of starvation and poverty in Ireland, where the British hegemony has so long deprived the Irish of the better jobs and living conditions, should be hailed as "preserver of the nation" and have a statue erected of him.  This title of "preserver of the nation" is suggested for the person who can find an equitable and inexpensive solution to the impoverished children who are not useful.  By proposing satirically that the children become food for the wealthy landlords, who have already "devoured most of their parents," Swift suggests that the children would serve a most pragmatic purpose.  After giving this veritably immodest proposal, Swift logically and pragmatically lists all the benefits to such action.  Clearly, Swift's "A Modest Proposal" is a biting satire, worthy of the highest praise.