Stargirl Questions and Answers
by Jerry Spinelli

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In Stargirl, who does Stargirl change for herself? Leo or Mica High?

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Stargirl changes for Leo. A good place to start looking for information supporting this is chapter 23. chapter 23 sees Leo really starting to feel the repercussions of hanging out with Stargirl. He is being shunned just about as much as Stargirl is being shunned, so he starts to avoid her too. The two characters finally get together and talk in chapter 25. Leo keeps saying things like "nobody" likes her, and he tries to blame everything on a hypothetical "them":

"Because nobody likes you," I said. "That's why. Nobody likes you."

"Nobody?" she said. Her eyes covered me like the sky. "Nobody?"

I tried to play dumb, but that wasn't working. "Hey," I said, "don't look at
me. We're talking about them. Them."

Stargirl isn't stupid. She knows that Leo sees himself as a part of the whole. He is partly "them," and Stargirl wants to make Leo and herself happy. She doesn't care what the other people think. She never has. She transforms herself into Susan, and she does it for Leo and his happiness. Archie confirms that for readers and Leo in chapter 32:

"She did it for you, you know."


"Gave up her self, for a while there. She loved you that much. What an incredibly lucky kid you were."

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Stargirl changed for Leo.  She really liked him and she wanted him to be happy.  She began using Susan, dressing like everyone, talking like everyone, she tried to change who and what she was for Leo.  She knew that being accepted by "them" was important to him, so she tried.  However, as always happens when we commit drastic changes for anyone other than ourselves, something happens to bring us back to who we really are.  When Susan arrived home from the speech competition expecting to be welcomed with open arms, and no one was there but Dori, Susan realized she could never be what "they" wanted her to be so she returned to Stargirl. 

As Archie tells Leo on page 178,

"She did it for you, you know."


"Gave up her self, for a while there.  She loved you that much.  What an incredibly lucky kid you were."

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