Who did Randy slap in Alas, Babylon?

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In chapter  five, Randy slaps Jennings, the manager of the Riverside Inn in Fort Repose, where Dan Gunn kept a room.  Randy goes there to find Dan on the day of the blast because he wants the doctor to have a look at Peyton's eyes; she was blinded in the first blast. 

When Randy enters the hotel, everything is chaotic, and Jennings is refusing entry into the inn to the John Garcia, whose wife had gone into labor.  When Randy tries to question Jennings about the doctor's whereabouts, Jennings refuses to help him and even tells him to tell the Garcia couple to go to the clinic and wait.  Randy loses his patience:

"He slapped Jennings savagely across the face. He did this without any conscious thought except that it was neccesary to slap the hysteria out of Jennings in order to locate Dan Gunn" (102).

Randy's actions immediately get Jennings' full attention, and he quickly reveals the location of Dr. Gunn to Randy.

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