Who did Maniac Magee meet in the East End?

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Maniac met many people in the East End. For a few months, Maniac lived in the East End with the Beale family. Maniac was white, and the residents of the East End were black. Even though Maniac was of a different race, almost everyone in the East End welcomed him.

Amanda Beale became Maniac's best friend in the East End. She was a girl who loved books and reading. Maniac also loved to read, and they often shared books.

Hester and Lester Beale were Amanda's younger sister and brother. They loved Maniac. They were usually messy children, but Maniac taught them to pick up after themselves. After he came, they stopped "crayoning everything in sight." Hester and Lester used to drive Amanda crazy, but she realized how much she loved them after Maniac Magee moved in.

Mr. and Mrs. Beale were Amanda's parents. Mr. Beale worked at the tire factory and Mrs. Beale was a homemaker. She was an excellent cook. They welcomed Maniac Magee as if he were their own son.

Mars Bar Thompson was a tough kid who lived in the East End. He liked to eat Mars Bar candy bars. He wore a pair of "beloved sneakers." He did not like Maniac Magee.

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