She Walks in Beauty Questions and Answers
by Lord George Gordon Byron

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Who did Lord Byron write "She Walks in Beauty" for?

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Lord Byron wrote this poem to commemorate the beauty of Mrs. Anne Wilmot (wife of Lord Byron's cousin, Robert J. Wilmot), who he chanced upon at a party in London. Originally, Lord Byron hadn't planned on attending the party at Lady Sitwell's home.

However, the poet's friend, James Wedderburn Webster, who was fond of borrowing money from the poet, unceremoniously dragged Lord Byron to the soiree despite Byron's protests. At the party, Byron met the beauteous Lady Wilmot for the first time. The date was June 11, 1814. Mrs. Wilmot's grace and beauty so dazzled Lord Byron that he was ever after to memorialize her beauty in the poem, She Walks In Beauty. As the story goes, Lord Byron was so infatuated with Lady Wilmot that he drank a tumbler of brandy in her honor after returning to his rooms in Albany that night. The next day, the poet seemed sober enough to pen one of his most famous poems, celebratory words of adoration that have endured to this day.

Source: Byron and the Websters: The Letters and Entangled Lives of the poet, Sir James Webster and Lady Francis Webster by John Stewart.

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