In "To Kill a Mockingbird" who did Jem and Scout build a snowman to look like?  

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The passage that you are looking for is right at the beginning of chapter eight.  Jem and Scout take advantage of the meager amount of snow that falls in town, and attempt to make a snowman.  As they start to build, Jem queries, "Mr. Avery's sort of shaped like a snow man, ain't he?"  Mr. Avery is an older man, who is also a neighbor of theirs; he is a bit gruff and grumpy, and is considered to be a bit of a drunk.  The kids caught him peeing off his front porch one night, and it was rumored that he "sat on the porch every night until nine o' clock and sneezed."  He is also the one that, at the beginning of the chapter, asserted that bad weather was brought on by bad children, and later, the one who helps out so much at Miss Maudie's fire.  So, they make the snowman look even more like Mr. Avery, even making it "look cross."  But Atticus comes home and mentions that Mr. Avery might not like being the model for a snowman, so they grab Miss Maudie's hat an plopped it on the snowman's head, and "jammed her hedge-clippers into the crook of his arm."  So now, the snowmen looked like a Mr. Avery/Miss Maudie mix.  I hope that helps a bit; good luck!

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