Who did Billy get the dogs from in Where the Red Fern Grows?

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Billy works picking blackberries for two years and selling them to his grandpa until he gets enough money to pay for the dogs.  He had seen the advertisement for Redbone hounds in a fisherman's catalog, and his Grandpa places the order for the dogs from his store.

So Billy doesn't order them from a particular person, but from a company.  The dogs are shipped and he has to sneak out at night and make his way to a town 20 miles away to pick the dogs up.  His Grandpa would be the closest to a specific person who helps him to get his dogs.

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In the book Where the Red Fern Grows the book never tells who Billy Coleman bought the pups from.  He finds an ad in a paper and brings it home to his grandpa.  There is a kennel in Kentucky that has coonhound pups for sale for $25.00 each.   He asks his grandfather to order them for him and dumps his money out in front of his grandfather.  He tells him that he had saved up for two years.

Billy's grandfather orders the puppies for Billy, but it still does not even state the name of the kennel.  Billy finds out that the price of each dog had dropped by $5.  He also learns he has to go to Tahlequah to the station to pick up the pups.  Billy had to sneak off to the station in Kentucky to pick up his pups.

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