Who is the defendant in the trial of Twelve Angry Men?

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The defendant in this trial is a young man who has been accused of stabbing his father during a family argument. The young boy is considered to be lower class status by most of the jurors and is referred to in very unflattering and stereotypical language throughout the deliberation. 

The father has died as a result of the stabbing.  The case is left up to twelve men from very different backgrounds and with their own agendas to decide his guilt or innocence.

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The defendant is described by jurors as "a nineteen year old boy" who stabs his own father in the torso. Great deliberation takes place over his guilt or innocence, and in the end, it is decided that a hung jury will result. Stereotyping and generalizing language is used by the jurors to indicate that they see the defendant, at first, as someone of a "lower" status at this point in history. Those who believe the defendant is guilty keep referring to "they" and "them," as if the boy's race or socioeconomic status is a factor in their decision making.

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i think the defendant is the eighteen year old boy who people think that he killed his father but i think he didnt

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